Selayar Dive Resort : One of the Best Dive Resort in Selayar Island Sulawesi Indonesia

“Why Selayar Island Resort?”

Sunset Beach * First- rate and exceptional diving.
* 52 well- preserved dive sites around Selayar and nearby Atolls
* One 120 m² air-conditioned private suite with breathtaking ocean view, private beach and equipped with spacious living room and bedroom
* Two 60 m² air-conditioned DeLuxe Villa-rooms with breathtaking ocean view
* Four 48 m² air-conditioned traditional Bamboo Villa rooms,with ocean view,
* 2 new Bamboo rooms, 50 m², 2 balcony
* Delicious, mouth-watering Indonesian and International cuisine
Sunset Beach bar
* Tropical drinks and snacks on our beach / divers bar, where you relax and enjoy your diving vacation
* Meet old and new friends in South Sulawesi
* A sanctuary where guests can escape and bond with nature.
* Our place offers excellent and professional diving with a team of experienced TDI, SDI, PADI Instructors and Dive Masters, pristine dive sites and a rich variety of corals and marine life.
* We provide small-group diving, SDI / PADI entry-level diving and other more specialized and SDI/TDI technical categories designed for more advanced divers.
Or …. * Enjoy one of our tours in Selayar.
Water-fall Selayar mountain view Selayar rain-forest
* A snorkeling tour to nearby island Pasi is highly recommended.
* See the sights at Selayar Island by mountain bikes or motorcycles. Guests can go shopping and walk around at nearby capitol “Benteng”.
* Hike and explore the lush rainforest and the bat cave.
* Relax and rest in our beautiful 15.000-m2 garden / park or secluded white- sand beaches

Come and visit our resort, let your adventure begin……

Environment :
Collections of live flora and fauna, especially shells as well as spear fishing is strictly prohibited. Divers are asked to collect any pollution like drinking bottles while diving. Kindly please also help us to conserve energy by switching on the air-con and lights only when needed.

June to Mid December dry season, strong winds from east, Mid December to March mostly rain in night time, strong west winds.

Nov.- Dec. and March-May all site are excellent
May – October: West site calm, dive spots sloopes
Dec. – March: East calm, west winds, great drop off, you never have been seen

Resort :
Rooms and Board : Our spacious villas are built in traditional rustic Indonesian style with existing showers and toilets, enriched with clean-lined furniture with a spectacular ocean view. A glorious garden / park, 15.000m², full of coconut, lemon, banana and mango trees surrounds the villas. Our room service is available from 07:00-21:00 every day.
Facilities : Restaurant (open 07:00-21:00), Coffee shop, Souvenir gift shop, Nipa bar, 2 private white-sand beaches, Massages are also available from room service.

Activities :
Sightseeing tours around Selayar, Snorkeling, Waterskiing, Hiking, Biking, Beach Volleyball, Horseback Riding.

Beach bar :
It is located next to dive center where guests can take pleasure in the beautiful sunset

Dive Centre :
Compressor-room, repair and classroom facilities can give to all our divers the service and space they need. Besides Beginner and Advanced courses we offer: Equipment Specialist, Deep Diver, Night Diver, UW-Photographer, Drift Diver, Multilevel Diver, Search & Recovery and UW-Naturalist, Solo Diver, Nitrox.

20 Aluminum tanks for air( 12 litre) and 35 tanks for Nitrox, all with International fittings, Scubapro Regulators with inflator hose, octopus and pressure gauge, Stabilizing -jackets and complete snorkel sets. 1 Bauer Mariner and 1 Coltri Sub compressor are filling our tanks. Some dive computers for rent.

Safety :
Complete first aid kid, incl. Oxygen. All our Dive-masters and boat crew receive a review in First Aid training every year! Each dive-guide is equipped with dive computer. All our staff has a cell-phone and is connected via SMS.

For safety reasons each diver has to use a Dive-computer
Visibility : Normally between 20-30m, in case of strong winds and heavy rains 10-15m.
Dive Sites : more than 40 regular sites, suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers and 12 special dive sites for day-tours to different Atolls are available.
With our Dive center on the east side we offer diving spots on Selayar walls, lot’s of unexplored areas. Our new east base is just a 25 min car-ride away.

Boats :
One 15 metre Fiber-glass boat with 380 HP & cabin, 12 knts
One 7 metre Fiber-glass boat with 85 HP, 28 ktns
One 5 metre Service Fiber-glass boat wit 25 HP, 14 ktns
all equipped with VHF Radio, Phone, GPS, ladder, etc.

Transfers :
Regular dive sites: between 20 min and 45 min.
spec. dive sites: between 50 min and 3:00 hrs

Schedule :
Divers usually depart at 8:00 am for 2 dives and return in the afternoon. Due to the weather, diving is recommended in the morning. Diving is good all year around. November to April we explore more on the east site, in May to November more on south, north and west site.

Dive Sites Information:
1. Selayar Atoll “West”:
Around Pasi, Pasi Satu, Balangnipa, 25 min to 1.5 hour from resort, slopes down to 16 m, only 1 wall to 40m, sandy bottom, perfect for macro,
sea slugs, napoleon fishes, pipe fishes, Dugong, occasionally Manta ray and eagle ray, soft- hard corals, small sea fans

2. Selayar Atoll “East”:
1.5 to 2.5 hours by boat from resort, drop off, tremendous walls, pelagic fishes, sometimes Mantas, sharks, eagle rays, pelgic fishes
starting November our new 2. Dive-center is located on the east side, 25 car minutes away and few minutes by boat

3. Selayar Atoll “South”:
Sunset Pt., Black Forest, Tanning Anchorage, 1 1/2 to 3 hours from resort, drop off, pelagic fishes, dolphines, sometimes whales, currents

3. Selayar Atoll “North”:
Kambing Point, Pasinete Pt., 2 1/2 hours from resort, drop off, pelagic fishes, sharks, eagle ray, dolphines, strong currents

All Courses: max 3 Students in one class !!
Our resort also offers diving for children from 10 years of age and senior diving (max 2 students per class)

2 hours, learn the first step in diving, hand-holding with instructor, shallow water, loose the fear

Open Water:
Confined diving training, 4 dives, equipment, boat-transfer, class-room

Adventure Diver:
2 – 3 days, 5 dives, 1 navigation, 1 night-dive, 1 Deep-dive & 2 elective dives, boat-transfer, class-room

First Aid:
CPR 1 day or 2 x 1/2 day in the afternoon, class-room, includes Wenoll System

Rescue Diver:
3 – 4 days, beach / shore-training, 4 dives,class-room

2 weeks, 10 dives guide-training, join & assist 1 OWD course, class-room, boat operation, compressor operation, equipment repair and maintenance

Assort. Specialty Courses:
2 days, Deep, Night, Equipment, Multi-level, Search & Recovery, Navigation, Peak Buoyancy, Boat, Drift, Naturalist (learn about fish sex in the sea – as well as biology, flora and fauna) UW-photo, Nitrox.

Master Scuba Diver:
Rescue diver & 5 Specialties

SDI Solo Diver Learn to dive independently, safely and within your margins, a perfect course for photographers and filmers; basic starting for Tech diving

Room rates
All with AC, hot and cold shower, breakfast and dinner, Mini Bar, TV(11 channels), private safe, Coffee/Tea making facilities, 2 bottle mineral-water/day

- Bamboo Village
Euro 50/night/person

- Deluxe Bungalows
Euro 70/night/person

- Suite Deluxe
Euro 200/night/person

Diving Rates:
01 Dives : Euro 25/dive
10 Dives ( 05 Days ) : Euro 22/dive
20 Dives ( 10 Days ) : Euro 20/dive
( incl. tanks, guide, Mineral-water, lunch, towel)

Regular boat transfer /day : € 20.00/person

Day-tours A: max. 90 min. travel-time one way on Capitola II) : € 70.00 extra/day/boat
Day-tours B: max. 150 min. travel-time one way on Capitola II) : € 120.00 extra/day/boat
East Dive Center: € 17.00 extra/car-day-trip

Nitrox filling/tank 32-34% : € 4.00/tank

Padi Dive Course:
– Open Water Diver
(incl. Equipment) : € 300.00/person/course

- Adventure Diver : € 250.00/person/course

First Aid, CPR : € 130.00/person/course

Rescue Diver : € 350.00/person/course

Divemaster : € 600.00/person/course

incl. boat, Tanks, weight, Certification


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