Natuna Islands, Hidden Beauty offshore islands of Kalimantan Borneo

Natuna Archipelago

If you are an adventurer who looking for a natural beach which has not been overly exploited by the tourist trade, then the Natuna Archipelago could be the right place for you. It is an archipelago with some 270 islands and amazing greenish blue water. Bunguran, Jemaja and Serasan are the three largest islands in this archipelago located in the northern most territory of Indonesia.

Natuna is a district in Kepulauan Riau province with Ranai as its capital city. Ranai is often translated to “Rantau Nan Indah” (a beautiful state) because of its amazing panoramic vistas. Natuna is surrounded by deep seas that border Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian and Singaporean waters and has many very beautiful beaches.

Getting There
To reach Natuna, it is easier for you to first visit Batam Island, as it is one of the main entry points to Kepulauan Riau province. Take a flight to Hang Nadim airport in Batam. From there, take another flight to Ranai airport in Natuna, about a one hour flight. Alternatively, you could take a motorboat from Tanjung Pinang but it only sails once a week.

Getting Around
Natuna has amazing scenery with natural beaches. You could travel to a number of beaches including Tanjung, Sebagul, Teluk Selahang or Setengar beach. You could also visit caves such as Batu Sindu, and Batu Kapal caves, or the stones of Alive Stone Park. In Natuna, tourists can also find an endangered species of primate called `Kekah`. This monkey only lives and breeds on Bunguran Island in areas that include the Gubung Sintu area (Pian Tengah, Sepang, Seberang), Mount Ranai, and Mount Ceruk. If you are lucky, you can find turtles laying eggs on several beaches. Don’t forget to visit Tiga Island, which is famous for its coral reefs. This area is where the Napoleon fish lives and breeds.

To Do
This area’s natural beaches will surely make you feel at home. In addition to enjoying its beautiful beaches, you could also try activities such as snorkeling or diving allowing you to explore the beauty of the underwater areas.

To Stay
Visitors can stay in hotels or inns available on Pramuka, H.R Subrantas Ranai Darat, Soekarno Hatta, or Dt. Kaya W.M Benteng streets

To Eat
In this area, you could try seafoods such as fish head soup served by restaurants along H.R Subrantas Ranai Darat Street in Natuna. Visitors can also try the organic honey of Natuna sold by shops and food stalls in Ranai city.

To Buy
Visitors can buy plated souvenirs sold in local shops.

Since most of the tourist sites in Natuna are beaches, seas and islands, it is recommended that you prepare yourself for maritime tourist adventures.

Source : http://www.indonesia.travel

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