Kura Kura Resort – Hidden Paradise in Karimunjawa Islands

Kura Kura Resort-Karimunjava Island – Central Java

Between Heaven and Earth
Kura Kura Resort is located on one of the twenty-seven paradise islands in the Karimunjawa archipelago of Indonesia. Covered by coconut trees and surrounded by white sandy beaches and prestine coral reefs…

Private Pool Villa
Kura Kura Resort offers 19 Private Pool Villas which capture the very essence of tropical luxury.

Setteled among the beautiful Royal palm trees, every Pool Villa has been carefully designed to respect our pristinenatural surrounding; Each embraces the traditional Indonesian Villa concept with its large open air living room, and combines it with contemporary elegance.

Utilizing natural stones, indigenous materials and modern innovation, every Pool Villa is both spacious and intimate ( 320 sq.mt), with your own enclosed grounds for complete comfort and privacy.

The large pool (4 x 8 mt) is equipped with sun beds and two gazebos at opposite sides of the Pool: one for dining or enjoying a drink and the other, a plushy padded day bed for lounging.The open air living room is conveniently equipped with mini-bar and cd player with MP3 connection for you to enjoy the Villa’s intimate atmosphere.The air-conditioned Bedroom is elegantly designed with touches of natural materials; mosquito netting draping the king-size bed and curtained floor-to-ceiling windows for an open pool view.Following this same theme, the large bathroom has an open and natural feeling, yet is discretely placed so you can trulyfell relaxed.Each room is fully equipped with all the amenities, including an island service phone for everything else.

Family Pool Villa
Kura Kura Resort offers 19 Private Pool Villas which capture the very essence of tropical luxury.

Make it a family affair or the perfect getaway for friends. Either way, the Family Pool Villa is an ideal way for a group of four to have their own corner of the world. This 600 sq mt enclosed villa is comprised of twin residences, located at opposite sides of the large pool, and designed to allow couples their privacy while enjoying the company of travel companions.

The open-air living room is an elegant blend of traditional rattan and contemporary comfort, fully equipped with mini-bar and cd player. Gazebos are neatly positioned at each end of the pool: one for dining or enjoying a drink and the other, a plushly padded day bed for lounging. As with the Private Pool Villa, great care has been taken to design the villa with respect for the pristine ecology while embracing the Indonesian villa concept — which, in fact, originated with family and friends in mind in this gorgeous tropical environment.

Deluxe Seaview Cottage / Superior Seaview Cottage
The 15 Cottages are all facing west; positioned only 15 metres from the beach, they offer an amazing, unobstructed view over the crystal clear water lagoon. All the Cottages are completely new and just renovated; they have been enlarged, upgraded and enhanced, and they have beent ransformed into luxurious Deluxe Seaview Cottages ( single unit, 35 sq. mt each) and Superior Seaview Cottages (two units, with indipendent entrance and privacy, 33 sq. mt. each).

Lobby and Restaurant
The amazing Lobby and Restaurant has just been completely re-built, creating a gorgeous effect by mixing a blend of contemporary style and tradition with touches of local taste and elegance in the choosing of furniture and materials.

The Restaurant offers a wide choice of dishes with ‘a’ la carte’ menu, ranging from Mediterranean style fine cuisine to Indonesian dishes. Guests can chose weather having their fine meals inside the intimacy of the Restaurant, open-air Restaurant -patio, or in the romantic setting of the tables surrounding the pool.

Rates at Kura Kura Resort
Pool Villa : USD 410/Night Including breakfast and taxes
Family Pool Villa : USD 630/Night Including breakfast and taxes
Deluxe Sea View : USD 350/Night Including breakfast and taxes
Superior Sea View : USD 280/Night Including breakfast and taxes

All room rates are inclusive of 10% service charge and 11% government tax.

Special rate for Diplomates, KITAS and Indonesian Citizen are available by contacting directly to our booking office.

Robinson Crusoe trips
Let us drop you to one of the paradise islands for a day, all alone with coconut trees and white sandy beaches. This along with lunch, cold drinks and snorkling gear if you wish.

We arrange daily diving and snorkeling trips to the best coral reefs around Karimunjawa Islands. The locations are suitable for all level of divers and snorklers. Dive courses and trial dives avaliable daily.
Read more about the diving here

Island cruises
On request we arrange paradise island cruises with shore raid for lunch and snorkeling on some of the best reefs in the marine park area. Dolphins riding along the cruise is a common scene. Private charters are avaliable.

Sunset cruises
On request we also arrange romantic sunset cruises.

Other water activities
Free use of snorkeling equipment, sea kayaks and paddle boats.

Untoucherd Coral Reefs, Colorful Fishes and Shipwreck
Kura Kura has pursued education and arranged dive excursions in Karimunjawa since 1999. The diving here vary between fringing reefs, atolls and many wrecks. In clear water with a pleasant temperature we garantee you an experience beyond the ordinary.

Diving in Karimunjawa
Kura Kura has pursued education and arranged dive excursions in Karimunjawa since 1999. Our instructors and divemasters are experienced divers which will make you feel safe and well taken care off during our courses and excursions.

We have discovered several dive sites that are in good to excellent condition. On the upside, one should perhaps mention the overall quality of the diving, the variety between fringing reefs, atolls and the many wrecks, the good variety of species, some of them rare, such as for example the Crocodile fish and Leafy Scorpion fish. In clear water with a pleasant temperature we garantee you an experience beyond the ordinary.

Taka Menyawakan
An exciting dive site, with spectacular coral cover which exceeds more than 250 different species, plentiful Bat fish and the wrecks of two ships! One of the wrecks is a Pelni ferry which sunk in the 50s. You will also see schooling Barracudas, Skipjack Tuna, Hawksbill turtles, Lobsters and Giant clams. Usually a strong current sweeps this reef, giving you an exciting ride all the way around it.

Gosong Cemara
Just a short boat ride and off you go on one of the best reefs in the area, the shallower parts on this dive has a great veraity of soft and hard coral, deeper parts presents huge colourful seafans

The Wreck of Biblis
One of the the few wrecks in the world, which still has it huge bronze propeller intact. This wreck has been on the ocean floor for many years, so the coral life is amazing. Several big groupers are nearly always spotted on this wreck. Possibility to penetrate for trained wreck divers.

Pioneer Reef
The house reef located just steps from our diveshop offers a great variety of fish such as, barracudas, lionfish, crocodile fish, groupers, bambu sharks, cuttle fish, lobsters and much much more. This is also a perfect spot for night dives

Ezdir Reef
This dive site is named after one of our frequent diver guests. It was discovered mid/late 2000. The quality and variety of corals are extremely good, so good that one group of divers did three dives on this site in one day, and it was the first site they wanted to visit when they returned to the resort again.

Hawksbill Point
Conveniently located on our own island of Menyawakan, this spot gives you the opportunity to come face to face with Hawksbill turtles and quite often Octopus too. Usually Crocodile fishes and Scorpion fishes are seen on your smooth drift back to the Resorts jetty.

The Wreck of Indonur
Dutch steam ship. Went down in 1963. A huge warehouse was on fire on the beach, it was mistaken for the lights of Semarang, and the captain went full speed up on the reef….. Come and see 6cm thick steel plates, torn apart like paper. Large riveted steam boilers. Great fish and coral life on the wreck is growing bigger and bigger each year. Excellent night dives on this wreck when you will have a chance to see Arrow crabs, Soft coral crabs and numerous other macro critters.

Torpedo Reef
One of our most remote dive sites, but well worth the boat trip since it is one of the high lights of the archipelago. The exceptionally healthy Torpedo Reef has remnants of torpedoes and grenades scattered across the ocean floor. Beside the torpedoes and the grenades, the reef has a good variety of pelagics and the blooming soft corals are nothing less than fantastic!

Dive trips
Trips are arranged daily and all dive trips are based on 1 boat trip with 2 dives/trip.
Individual trips can be quoted and arranged at the resort.

Dive package
5 days/3 dives daily – USD 450,00

Day trips
2 guided boat dives – USD 90,00
Dives from shore – USD 35,00/dive

Equipment rental
Full set x 1 day- USD 25,00
Full set x 3 day- USD 55,00
Full set x 5 day- USD 90,00
Full set x 7 day- USD 110,00
Tanks and Weightbelt – included
BCD – USD 7,00
Regulator and gauges USD 7,00
Mask / Snorkel / Fins / Booties – USD 5,00
Wetsuit – USD 5,00
Dive lamp – USD 10,00
Dive computer – USD 10,00

How to get here
There are regularly scheduled flights from Semarang International airport to Karimunjawa (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat during Jul, Aug and Sept, and on Mon, Wed and Sat during May, Jun and Oct.).

For special charters to Kura Kura on non-scheduled flight days, to or from other destinations, please contact Kura Kura Resort direction for quotation. Public fast-ferry departs from Semarang every Saturday for Karimunjawa and returns to Semarang every Sunday, so this is another option if you prefer. Semarang International Airport is accessed daily from/to Jakarta and also from/to Singapore. There are also options for easily accessing Karimunjawa from other international airports in Central Java.

Booking and Reservation at : info@lombokmarine.com



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